hell Hound Bully's is now home to the only stud in the USA that is linebred from the legend bearzilla all the way from Brazil , please welcome Gangster to our beautiful country & our bully world

 Hell Hound Bullys Based in Portland, Oregon, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, we are committed to providing you with a high-quality puppy that will become an integral part of your family.

Hell Hound Bullys is all about bringing muscle tone, building mass, chest  &  having that Bully structure in our XL’s. Let’s not forget our blocky heads – our American Bullies wouldn’t be a Bull without that blocky head, now in 2024 we have made it our priority to fix the head of the xl bully and by making it more blocky with a shorter snout like the standards require, our wide chest is also top priority here at HellHoundBully’s , all while maintaining the good temperament.

From the start, our focus has always been on quality. At Hell Hound Bullys, we bring a lot of ambition, in creating the correct XL American Bully and have our program stand out in such way. We are here to not only accomplish our goals but to create the best XL  in the West Coast, the Northwest, and worldwide. We are committed to succeeding in our quest to produce some of the best quality American Bullies by starting with foundation, old school blood females and creating our better version, our best vision of the XL American Bully

HellHoundBullys B.I.G
HellHoundBullys JUNIOR
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Breeding is not just about reproducing numbers, it is about consistently producing quality. It is about offering something better for our bully world, our breed, and for our families who are in search of a new four paw member. Above standard. Bully puppies are not a breed for everyone, but for those who can commit forever homes. We raise our puppies in a family orientated environment, kid friendly and we get them started on those social skills. You can find all of the above in one of our XL Bully puppies here with us at Hell Hound Bullys. We have dedicated our time to produce and raise happy, outgoing, stable & confident puppies for you and your family.

Expect consistency and uniqueness in each and every one of our American Bully puppies. Let’s not forget the old school bloods and classic looks. If you are looking for a pretty dog, We have many colors to choose from: tri, ghost tri, champagne, lilac, fawn, red, blue, and merle American Bully puppies. Are you looking for muscle? We have that too!

Welcome to the Hell Hound Bullys’ Family!

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  1. Alvaro Gutierrez

    Hi i am intrested in a puppy, when will your pups be avaible?

    1. HellHoundBullys

      hi, yea they are avaible now for deposit & ready to go home in about 7/8 weeks.

  2. Emmanuel Pineda

    Hello is there any more available with crop ears from juniors litter and is there pictures of them and prices

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